StrongArm Safe Drill Accessories

  These items compliment our product line to provide you the best set of safe drilling tools available.

GSA MiniRig® Bolt Saw Guide attaches MiniRig® to GSA drawer for cutting bolts with a carbide hole saw.
#BSG $95.00

Carbide grit 1.5" hole saw specially designed for cutting hardened bolts.
#CHS $30.00

Bi-Metal hole saw for cutting mild steel.
#BHS $13.00

3/8" quick change arbor 1/4" drill.
#A38 $18.50
The one tool for pulling or drilling and pressing off safe dials.
#UDP $95.00
Steel Stick contains real steel and hardens in about 20 minutes! Use by itself, or in conjunction with ball bearings or taper pins for an even stronger repair.
#SS $8.00
Steel Stick

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