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The VacAttack is the ultimate drill rig for high security safes and vaults. Super strong vacuum power attaches the rig on stainless steel, concrete, wrinkle painted safes or almost any flat surface. You can attach the VacAttack where a magnetic press won*t hold or other type rigs are not practical and accommodates a wide range of drill motors. The compact and lightweight design provides incredible holding power, fast set up, versatility and accurate drilling. The VacAttack includes: A specially designed 115 volt 28hg dual stage vacuum pump and hose with a 10x14 inch vacuum pad and rack and pinion drill press all in a heavy duty case.
*The drill press attaches on the long or short side of the pad and is quickly removable for working in the hole or using a scope without removing the pad. The tri spoke handle is interchangeable for right or left side operation. A quick release on the pad allows for easy adjustment and a safety check valve maintains vacuum in the event of a power loss...........$1899.00 #VA
Lightweight, Strong & Versatile VacPad can also be used with MiniRig or Lever Bar Rig. An optional mounting plate lets you use the drill press in a service vehicle or on a bench.
The versatile VacExtender is a totally-adjustable, compound extension arm designed for use with the STRONGARM Vac-Attack. It attaches to the drill-neck collet on the Vac-Attack tower and extends the reach of the drill motor so that you can reach into tight spots between handle arbors, dial spindles

StrongArm VacAttack & Extender

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or any other obstructions that may be in the way of your drill target. #VE...$225.00